Learn About Your Leak.

Diagnose Your Leak

What’s leaking under my car? Leaks can often be identified by observing the color, texture, and location of the fluid. Drip by drip, click here to learn more about your leak.

Prepare For Your Visit

Ready to take your car in to a mechanic to diagnose your leak? Our handy tips will take you through the basics of finding a trustworthy and reliable mechanic and what to expect when you get there.

Learn Preventative Tips

Check out Dr. Drip’s video series for simple tips on identifying and preventing vehicle leaks.

Now that you’re up to speed.

Find a Local Repair Shop

Visit one of our participating repair shops today and get a free visual leak check and discount on leak repairs. Find a location near you.

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Learn From Professionals

Register for one of our FREE workshops and learn from certified automotive instructors how to properly maintain your vehicle. Plus, your car gets a free inspection!

Even a small Leak can have a big impact.

Concerned that your car might be leaking? Did you know that even a single drop on your driveway can mean a shorter lifespan for your car? Plus, leaks are the largest polluters of Puget Sound, so it’s also having a huge impact on the health of our local waters.

Our handy resources can help you determine if your car might be leaking, and if so, what you can do about it. We offer free inspection programs and workshops that can help you figure it out.